You are what you eat: It’s all about Quality

If it’s true that you are what you eat, then we would all be walking around suited up as steak fillets or slices of pizza, right?  Okay, so it’s ridiculous to imagine yourself walking around as a mascot for the items of food you eat, but it’s true that your shape, the amount of belly fat, and yes, your weight can all be a result of what you put in your body.  It’s not so much the “what” you put in your body as it is the “how” much.  It’s also the “what” and the “kind” of what it is.  If you are eating ranchos huevos for breakfast, a bacon cheeseburger with chilli fries for lunch, and a 7-layer lasagna for dinner with a generous amount of salty and sweet snacks in between, then not only are you the mascot for heart disease you are sporting the suit for obesity as well.  True there are many nutrients you are absorbing but the amount of fats, salts, and unnecessary sugars that you are consuming as well are doing more harm then good for your health.  These empty calories, the high calorie-low nutritional value of the poor choices of food we make, affect all facets of our health and even the appearance of our body.  Ever wonder why they call it a beer belly?  Beer has a ton of sugar and the empty calories like to hang out in the abdomen, hence forming the beer belly.  Now is the phrase, “you are what you eat” starting to make sense?  Quality not quantity is the key factor here.  I’m not saying you have to forever give up the foods you like to eat or snack on but merely asking you to lighten up on quantity and redirect your sense of quality.  Do you have to have bacon on your cheeseburger and chili on your french fries?  And if so, could you just have plain eggs for breakfast that morning instead of huevos style?  Your body only needs a certain amount of calories to sustain itself so all the extra calories that it cannot use, absorb, or discard stays in the body as fat or extra weight.  There are certain things in life that you don’t mind paying extra for like electronics or designer clothes right?  These things are important to you because they distinguish what quality is.  Now think about food.  Just because you cannot see the immediate effect of the quality of food you put into your system like you do with a new sound system or a Louis Vuitton bag doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  You don’t think those late night burritos and extra sodas you binged on two weeks ago isn’t sticking to the inskirts of your body?  Of course it is!  And if you do it all the time and not just for recreation then the toll on the inside of your body is worse off then the few extra pounds you may or may not notice on the outside.  Can you do without fried food and extra sweet and salty snacks all the time?  I know it makes life easier to grab something on the go which usually is too sweet or too salty for our own good, but once you take the plunge into changing your attitude about the quality of food, going grilled instead of fried, fresh instead of processed, and nutrient- rich instead of salt or sugar- stimulated becomes fulfilling once you see real life changes to your health.


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  1. Tom Stady
    Aug 02, 2009 @ 08:29:29

    Then why did I have a little bit of a beer belly even before I started drinking beer??? Could it be also poor posture and a lack of proper abdominal exercise? (granted, since the consumption of occasional beer, that little bit of beer belly is growing up to a bigger beer belly)!


    • amandaholst
      Aug 03, 2009 @ 15:10:04

      Hi Tom,
      Sure, poor posture and the lack of proper exercise has something to do with your pre-beer belly. Everyone is presupposed to what their belly looks like not unless you are defying gravity by working out all the time. As you get older your metabolism slows which means that 12-pack that you were able to drink with a “no beer-belly effect” 20 years ago is now sticking to the inside of your abdomen a lot faster today. The point is to take a healthier approach to the foods and beverages you consume because it is doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s the inside that counts!


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