What ails you?

It’s so easy to grab two Advil when you feel a headache coming on or some Imodium AD when your stomach gets upset.   But did you know that certain foods actually do the same in treating or preventing your ailments?   For instance that headache we were talking about- if you eat lots of fish or take fish oil-your chances of getting a headache decrease.  Having a hard time sleeping?  Honey is a natural sedative and acts as a tranquilizer.  I like to mix it with vanilla and add it to warm milk as a beddie-bye drink for my insomniac husband.   That upset stomach can be settled by eating bananas, weird huh?  And you  might already know that ginger is a cure-all for nausea, know anyone who’s preggers?

PMSing ladies?  You might know if you load up on calcium and vitamin D (milk, cheese, and oh yes- ice cream) beforehand the symptoms of PMS go down by almost half.  But did you know cornflakes work just as good?  Cornflakes actually reduces anxiety, fatique, and depression associated with PMS, so eat em’ up cause they’re greeeaaat!

Not able to get to the drugstore and load up on cough syrups and suppressants when you get a cough?  The ingredient in cough syrup is actually similar to a substance in red pepper.  Red pepper can be put in sauces and practically on top of anything- pizza, potatoes, and even vegetables.   Seasonal allergies is common too.  If you load up on yogurt before pollen season, this should help ease the symptoms of hayfever.

The occasional diarrhea can be treated by eating a brown apple.  You can achieve this by cutting the apple in slices and putting it in a warm place.  (Keep the skin on though)  Suffering from ulcers?  A chemical in cabbage helps to heal this pesky condition.

More serious ailments can be also be prevented by eating certain foods.  Tea prevents fatty deposit buildup on artery walls which can prevent you from having a stroke.  Red onions relieves the clenching of bronchial tubes and can relieve the signs of asthma.  Fish, especially salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines prevents arthritis.  You know about bladder infections, right?  Drinking cranberry juice controls the bacteria and prevents bladder infections from reoccurring.  Here’s a lesser known fact:  The manganese in pineapple can actually prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Race for the cure for breast and lung cancer: Wheat bran and cabbage can  prevent breast cancer because it regulates healthy estrogen levels and the beta-carotene in oranges and green vegetables can prevent lung cancer.  Moving on to high blood pressure, if you are suffering, add olive oil and celery to your diet.  Avocados help to lower cholesterol and can prevent clogged arteries.  If you know someone who suffers from a blood sugar imbalance such as diabetes tell them to eat broccoli and peanuts.  The chromium helps to regulate insulin and blood sugar and prevent the blood sugar from spiking.

Don’t fall victim to ginkgo biloba as a memory enhancer as there is no sustainable research to support this claim.  Instead, try eating oysters which contain zinc that helps increase your mental functioning.

Give your health a headstart by hitting your refrigerator before hitting up your medicine cabinet.  I know sometimes medicine is absolutely required, but if you can, try to take preventative measures for the controllable ailments you have.  This will save your one liver from having to process all those medicines (especially acetaminophen) and in case you’re wondering what could reverse signs of an over-worked liver, it’s artichokes.


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