Never go to the supermarket when you’re hungry

If you are like me you go to the supermarket with somewhat of a plan for a list of items that are sure to feed your family for at least the upcoming week.  If you are also like me you go when you are hungry and somehow things that aren’t on your list end up in your basket. And while you are snacking on or thinking of eating the snack you put in your basket for later you are driving around your cart wondering what some of the these unusual items are.  Broccoli sprouts and edamame in the produce section, canned pumpkin and sardines in the shadows of the canned food section, and flaxseed and brazil nuts hidden in a section somewhere between produce and condiment sections.  What are these and why do people eat these?  These types of ‘food marvels’ have more nutrients that can help you prevent disease, give you pep, and help you to lose weight if you can find ways to incorporate them in your diet.  Although these items by themselves don’t sound appealing, when hidden in other food, you can really pull off the nutritional value by being creative.  Here are a couple of foods you might want to try if you know what they can do for you:

Watercress food next to the tofu in the produce section is full of lutein and antioxidants- which fights eye degeneration and cancer.  Don’t feel guilty about throwing these guys in soups, salads, and especially stir-fries; there aren’t enough calories to concern yourself with.

Acai juice which come from Brazilian berries are all the hype in Hollywood today; its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory value is more than the value in pomegranates and blueberries.  The minerals, amino acids, and vitamins make this juice worth the try.  Make sure you are paying for the acai and not added sugar or soy.  Look for USDA organic and kosher certified labels to be sure you are getting the real deal.

Scallops, yes those unnoticeable fillers found in many seafood dishes, are great because they are loaded with protein and have little calories.  You can bake, broil, or bread them and throw them in pasta and soups.

Did you know Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein than regular yogurt?  Its taste is creamy and rich and worth the extra money to give it a shot.  Find the fat-free version and you can have it by itself or with honey and nuts.  I know someone who puts it in her smoothie every morning.

Walnuts: So as an attempt to deter from my cracker addiction I am always on the lookout for a new nut to try as a substitute.  Not only do walnut wonders reverse the damage done after eating a big fat hamburger they are also loaded with alpha-linolenic acid, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and is known to prevent arthritis and heart disease.

Although I would never recommend going to the supermarket on an empty stomach, if you do have the time to parooze, try to find something new to add in your basket- if anything it will make for an interesting dinner conversation for your family.


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