The Swine Flu is Here! Take measures to protect yourself

I am going to speak off topic this week on something that people know is out there and won’t want to catch: the N1H1 virus.  These are all common sense preventions but I think a little reminder will save you the hassle of getting it.  The CDC Website (Centers for Disease Control) is a great source of information when it comes to getting accurate information on any health matters.

People who are at higher risk for catching the normal flu are young children (5 and younger), adults 65 or older, pregnant women, and people who have underlying disorders like heart disease or diabetes.  What makes the H1N1 flu different than the typical seasonal flu is that healthy people are more likely to get sick and die from this strain of influenza.  According to one source the H1N1 strain has mostly affected the 7-34 age group.  The normal flu season usually starts in November but cases are already coming in, causing heightened awareness.

So what’s your chances of getting the Swine Flu?  According to one source, about 1 in 1000.  This type of flu is spread from person-to-person contact so the following common sense precautions can prevent you from getting sick this Swine Flu season:

Wash your Hands with soap and water– How long should you wash?  Sing the Happy Birthday song while washing; this gives adequate time to get all the germs off.

Use alcohol-based sanitizer whenever you can– going to the supermarket or after touching objects other people have touched like doorknobs can be easily ways of contaminating yourselves.  More and more places are offering sanitizer when you enter or leave a store: Take Advantage when you can!

Avoid touching your face- eyes, nose, mouth- these are all places germs can get in, so avoid touching your face out whenever possible.  If you have to sneeze do so in the pocket of your elbow, these saves someone else from getting your germs.

If you do get sick stay home– be kind and don’t infect others; also stay away from people who are sick- cancel that play date or luncheon with your girlfriends–it will be much appreciated.  The CDC says that a person can be infectious one day before and up to seven days after getting the swine flu.

Common symptoms include the regular symptoms from the normal flu: high fever, muscle soreness, chills, headache, diarrhea and vomiting.  If you are concerned go see your doctor.  It’s only after a couple of tests can this be identified as N1H1 flu.

And just a note: You cannot get the swine flu from eating pork and also, if you do get the swine flu it doesn’t mean that you are going to die from it.  There are antivirals available such as Tamiflu that can treat this.  The thing about pandemics is that people often can freak out for no reason- I too on occasion like to go on Gullible Galivants..

So just be cautious and take care of yourself this flu season: Eat healthy and get plenty of rest.  Everyone has a certain amount of acid in their body but too much can leave you susceptible to viruses.  So by eating more green vegetables, whole grains, and healthy oils instead of meat, dairy, flour, and sugar you are on the offense of being healthy.  Drinking lots of pure water will also put oxygen in your body taking all the acids out.  Finally keeping stress free will make your body stronger and will do wonders for flu prevention.

So wash your hands, avoid sick people, and take care of you and your family and you should be fine this swine flu season.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. eileen Holst
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 01:59:29

    GOOD INFORMATION, Thanks a bunch.


    • amandaholst
      Oct 24, 2009 @ 00:16:30

      My pleasure; I think it’s important for everyone to be cautious especially since this is a new strain of flu.


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