Beauty Solutions Can be Found in Your Pantry!

It’s not surprising that the foods we eat can be also used as beauty products.  The following ideas have come from magazines that I’ve read, TV shows that I’ve watched, or plain trial-and-error that I have experimented by myself or with friends along the way.

My most recent revolution came in the high-tide of budget cuts in our household.  As a matter of cost-saving efforts, instead of running to my make-up counter a couple times a month to get my eye make-up remover I went to my pantry for a solution.  Olive oil as a natural way to take make up off my eyes has been doing the trick for me for six months now.  I was watching Dr. Oz yesterday and they recommend safflower oil instead because it doesn’t make you smell like a salad.  (I’m half Italian so I don’t mind)  Speaking of olive oil, have you every wondered what you could use as an emollient for your lips?  I mix the same O/O I use for my eyes with a little bit of sugar and I am good to go.  This is a great way to get rid of wine-stained lips or just to soften your lips’ chapped look.

You’ve heard of cucumbers and hot tea bags to revitalize your eye puffiness I’m sure, but have you every heard of using milk to do the same trick?  Apparently the lactic acid and Vitamin A and D is what makes the soothe in soothing. (Milk for Eyes)  The proper way to use this method is to pour milk into a bowl of ice then soak and ring out a washcloth before applying to your face.

I remember trying weird anecdotes for my dry hair growing up and one was slathering mayo all over.  I’m sure this sounded good in theory but I must have been lost in translation because a quarter of the mayo bottle did not bode well for my hair!  I think it took two weeks to get all that gunk out, but in heinsight I was on the right track.  I’ve heard that a 30 minute soak of mashed banana and honey can do the same trick, but I haven’t gotten up the courage to tackle that area since the “incident.”

All those products that contain fruits in the title do so for a reason.  Avocado-enriched lotions and oatmeal honey baths are sounding familiar, yes?  People have been using food in products for decades.  So it’s a no-brainer that natural products can also do the trick.  Oatmeal honey baths are great for irritated skin.  Aveeno makes a great one and now so can you:  Mix 1/2 cup oatmeal, 2 tablespoons honey, and a little water to make a thick consistency to put on as a face mask.  Use avocado pits leftover from your guacamole to rub on your elbows and heels to get its natural moisturizing Vitamin E benefits.

Do any of you watch the Rachel Ray show?  A couple of days ago she had a guest that recommended using coffee beans for cellulite.  The caffeine supposedly shrinks the fat cells and increases blood flow reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Some of those expensive products including the one this nice lady on the show was endorsing contain caffeine.  Want to know how you can do it yourself?  Take 1/2 cup of used coffee grinds from your coffee maker (What a great way to recycle BTW) and mix it with a little olive oil.  Apply in a circular motion with your loofah and then wrap yourself with Seran wrap for up to 10 minutes before washing it off.  A little messy I can imagine but beauty advocates jump through hoops to get results!

A fun-for-hair trick for oily second-day hair is using flour or cornstarch as hair talc.  Take just any itty bit and rub it in your oily spots usually at your roots.  This will uplift greasy hair and allow you to sport a doable look before washing. (On a side note, corn flour can be used to suck up oil on your face).  Another way of beating oily hair is by adding 3-5 drops of lime juice on your final wash cycle when you wash your hair.

Do you want to whiten your teeth?  Baking soda, found in many toothpastes, no doubt could do the trick-duh!  One application on your toothbrush a day for 10 days will make a noticeable difference.

Finally, I leave you with an anti-age remedy (Now that I am in my 30’s I need a jumpstart) that I got from Janice Beauty Tips — a great source of info for do-it-yourself beauty regimes:

Peel and core an apple.  Mash it and mix it with two teaspoons of honey.  Apply in an upward motion and leave on for 15 minutes.  Do this mask three times a week for three weeks then do a maintenance mask for once a week thereafter.

So as you are rummaging through your pantry for items that are going to naturally do the stuff that people pay big bucks for, know that the messiness and the extra time are all part of the process!


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