Jillian Michaels: an advocate for transformation

For the third time this week, I’ve heard Jillian Michaels on the radio raving about her new ’14-day Cleanse and Burn’ weight-loss program.  I have Jillian’s Wii work-out game, (which I must admit, kicks my butt every time I use it); and everyone might know her as the meanie you fall in love with from the hit TV show, The Biggest Loser.  But who is Jillian Michaels, really?  What gives her the credibility to hit up all the facets of fitness and losing weight markets across the US?  Besides having a great marketing team, you would (or would not) be surprised at what makes Jillian really credible.  Yes, 17 years of martial arts and 13 years of personal training can make a big dent in the grand scheme of things; but what makes her able to relate to the people she’s helping is the fact that she used to be overweight herself.  This my friends, is by far, the biggest asset in being able to achieve a change in someone’s overall persona.  At age 13, Michaels tipped the scales at 175 pounds, and like most of us, used food as a way to cope with life in one way or another.  No wonder why she resorted to using scare tactics on The Biggest Loser-she wanted the contestants to be pissed off at their situation and get the cahoonas to do something about it -like she did.  This is by far what makes Jillian motivated to change peoples’ lives’.  February 2010’s issue of  Ladies Home Journal gave an incite to this intriguing woman whom I did not know much about.  In it, Michaels describes her intentions to use self-motivation and confidence to transform anyone to their greatest potential.  Jillian may play more the psychologists’ role than the trainer’s role at times,  but she’s proven that both are needed to provide maximum results.  In this article, Jillian lists her three simple weight-loss rules: 1) Get Educated, 2) Treat the Real Problem & 3) Put yourself first.  Seems pretty straightforward and commonsensical don’t you think?  While most of us  get lost somewhere between #2 and #3, Jillian lays it all on the table with accountability as her only requirement from you.

So who is Jillian Michaels?  She’s a self-motivated, self-acclaimed success story whose purpose in life is to bring inspiration to those who otherwise lack it.  Michaels has found the right self-guiding principles to make a program work for herself and ironically the root of it has little to do with weight-loss at all.  Self-control and self-discipline are what makes up the fabulous and endearing Jillian Michaels.  And guess what?  You can apply this strength of will to anything you do.  Anyone who is struggling with balancing their time, or organizing their life, and yes, even trying to lose weight, can apply what Jillian Michaels learned a long time ago: You may only transform your mind to work in your favor if you kick self-loathing out to the curb.  Above all, Jillian Michaels is hope that strength and will power lives deep within the person who is looking to change.


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