“What Is Dextrinized Stabilized Rice Bran?”

A comment was recently made regarding dextrinized stabilized rice bran to one of my recent posts, ‘Make March the Month you Make Sound Eating Habits‘.  Perplexed and curious, I had to look this up.  What is Dextrinized Stabilized Rice Bran, you ask?  Dextrinized Stabilized Rice Bran, or DSRB, is a new revolutionary super food that has only been out for a handful of years.  It’s no secret that humans have been eating wheat as grain for thousands of years but with new cultivation and storage technologies came new ways of handling how wheat and rice has been processed.  The problem with cultivating rice is that nutrients are virtually removed during the normal process of milling or ‘polishing’ (when the bran is moved from the kernel).  Even brown rice suffers during its mechanical processes of hulling, when an enzyme called lipase combines with its rice bran oil causing the healthy oils to turn rancid.  To prevent this process, companies use chemicals or heat to stop this enzyme activity, further removing essential nutrients from the rice bran.  There is a company in California called Nutracea that has developed a new stabilization process that has been able to deactivate the lipase activity without removing the antioxidants and other micronutrients found in rice bran.  Since the rice bran is stabilized at a low temperature the nutrients are preserved allowing for a better quality product and even a longer shelf life.  In addition, the stabilization process of rice bran makes it possible for people who normally have a problem with gluten or lactose to enjoy its hypoallergenic and healthy properties.  Health benefits of DSRB include but are not limited to  improvements for people who currently suffer from diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.  So with good scientific backing, I will continue to explore opportunities that dextrinized stabilized rice can offer and I look forward to seeing it more in the news.

I would like to thank my reader Tom Stady for introducing me to DSRB.

More information can be found at http://www.nussentials.com/pr_ScienceSRB.htm


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