Does Accountability come with my Happy Meal?

It was bound to happen:  An ordinance punishing fast food companies for America’s obesity problem.  Santa Clara County in California announced their plan to ban promotional toys sold with any child’s meal this week in an “attempt to change the current obesity trend in children in the area”.  Somewhere between the super size and the countless amount of calories lie accountability dead in its tracks.  It’s no secret that fast foods and other convenience foods have been adding to the burden on the obesity population, which continue to grow despite efforts on health awareness.   No longer are the days where going out to to get a burger and shake are considered a treat; for some, these treats have metastasized to all facets of daily eating.   The elimination of fruits, vegetables, and fiber from the diet is creating the obesity epidemic, not the toys from a Happy Meal.  Instead of preparing traditional meals made from essential nutrients that the body needs to function, people are choosing others to whip up hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar substitutes, and monosodium glutamate to go with their burgers.  It might be easier to blame someone else for the reasons why we make bad food decisions but when does America start to take accountability for their actions?  Today I urge you to take responsibility for your eating habits and to make sound decisions for you and your family.  Harness your energy into moving more and educating yourself on the foods that should make up most of your diet.  Fast food is just like any other vice out there, it’s a release from the norm but shouldn’t be a way of life.  Education and moderation are the key to living a healthy lifestyle and a good place to start is with accountability


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