An aspiring nutritionist’s food diary

Eat healthy to stay healthy: advice even the most aspiring clinical nutritionist would live by.  Sure, there are times when falling victim to the one who falls off the wagon would create conflict for someone who religiously follows the rules, but believe me, the disbelief we in the nutrition field have in our ability to stick to the regime truly stems from the desire to do our bodies good.  With that being said, this week I want to demonstrate that structure, balance, and a variety of foods will help you to achieve all of your goals, especially if it includes eating your slice of cake too.  To make this point, I have written down everything that I have eaten this past week, what I was feeling when I ate it, and what I did next, which should serve as the lasting memory you carry with you from this blog.


Saturdays always lends servitude to a week of  proper eating.  Life isn’t always what you plan on the weekends, and for some this is where good planning and structure come into play.

Breakfast- A cup of coffee, a McDonald’s sausage burrito and a low-fat milk.  Saturdays for the last couple of months have been dedicated to an all day class and I figure I need to last until my first break.  Notice how I don’t involve myself with a numbered meal, which may add extra value but also extra calories and fat which, believe me, I have no extra time to work that off.  I also apply my give and take methodology and fore go the cheese.  I figure the day is just getting started and who knows how or what I will eat next.  I also know it is date night at the movies and I would be darned if I didn’t get my popcorn and other junk food trivialities.

Snack– a banana; I figure fruits are sometimes hard to meet quota on so I better eat as much and when I can.  Still focusing on my junk-food night, I know it’s worth the endurance to be good now.

Lunch– A packed lunch; leftovers make it easier on the wallet plus gives you control over the portion size and amount of calories (Yes, this can be a liberating thing).  Tuna with whole wheat pasta grace my polypropylene-plastic tupperware.  An added piece of whole wheat bread ensures that I have at least some fiber today.

Snack– I know that protein is the way to go.  Good old peanut butter and apple slices always do it for me.

Treat– Usually treats don’t come til movie night, but me losing my wallet at the mall seemed like a good reason to lose count at a Hershey Kisses complimentary candy bowl at the concierge’s station.  Not a part of the plan, but it helps.  So does the help of a good friend.  More a hiccup, than a full thrust off my wagon.

Dinner– Junk food night.  Having something to look forward to has really gotten me to be able to enjoy this night.  I know I won’t worry about after-thought regrets since I’ve planned my execution all day.  What’s on the menu?  In-and-Out.  Probably the most healthy french fries around, In-And-Out cooks their stock in sunflower oil instead of corn oil.  Notice here how I easily justify my selection.  To make up for the slack, I order my burger protein style and sans cheese.  For all you who don’t know, In and Out offers a protein style hamburger; instead of a bun a large piece of lettuce is used to wrap your burger.  Instead of giving up all of my sauce I ordered light on, and delighted in a caffeine-free zero calorie drink.  Sounds so tempting, huh?

Popcorn!– Popcorn is definitely my vice on Saturday nights and everything that has led up to this moment has certainly paid off.  Medium size with butter in the middle and top, yes I indulged and it was so worth the earlier sacrifices.


Breakfast– a piece of whole wheat bread and an egg.  Having something right when I wake up has always been a great way to start my metabolism.  I do also enjoy my cup of coffee too.

Breakfast II– I would be lying if I told you that my first breakfast filled me up.  I find eating less more often works for me so I make a waffle and adorn it with plain yogurt, flax cereal, a banana and a dab of syrup.  Seriously, you have to try it!  A cup of more fruit really settles my stomach after being a food harlet last night.  I also have a cup of milk.

Lunch I– Hungry again and make PB & J sandwiches for the kids and I.  Today is Mother’s Day and my husband is treating me to Thai food tonight so I better keep it light.  The kids and I share an apple too.

Lunch II– The kids wake up lunch around 3:00.  I could definitely eat again.  Whole wheat chicken nuggets, edamame, and navy beans with peppers seem fair.  Cantaloupe pieces finish it all off for dessert.

Treat– It’s Mother’s Day.  I feel like a margarita, so my husband makes me one.

Dinner– Thai food.  Cannot resist the shrimp pad thai and yellow curry chicken.  Yes a little overboard, but I feel it’s worth it.  Plus, it’s a once in a while thing, not an every day thing- very important concept, here.

Treat– No more food for the rest of the day, I’m obviously very full.  A little outdoor play with the family ends a perfect Mother’s Day.  I do treat myself with a dose of my husband and oh yes, 2 glasses of wine.  Back on track tomorrow, I promise.


Breakfast– By now I’m realizing the damage that I’ve done and the scale doesn’t lie- a couple of booze pounds will show up in a day or two so I take my Don\’t Sweat the Small Stuff: We all screw up advice and prepare to ease up and go back to my structured ways.  Whole wheat toast and coffee today.

Breakfast II– I share omelets with the kids; make sure I add some veggies and decide to add cheese this time and have a large glass of milk.  I’m in my thirties, so I try to have at least 3 servings of calcium a day- try is the key word.

Lunch I-Pretty full from my omelet and manage to exercise today.  Nothing major, just the usual: push-ups, stomach crunches and 10-pound weights.  My motivation this week is the Charity Fashion Show and launching of the magazine I’m working with, Helium.  I take a 1/2 cup portion of pad thai and cook up some broccoli with olive oil and lemon–mmmm!

Lunch II- I make a baked potato and add yogurt and chives as toppings.  I then grab a piece of whole wheat bread.

Snack- whole wheat crackers, some string cheese and an apple

Dinner- I’m inspired by the thai food that I had yesterday and attempt yellow chicken curry with yogurt instead of coconut milk.  I have white rice instead of brown.  I saute some mushrooms in a little of Smart Balance and viola, din-din!

Treat-Coming home from school I get a low-fat vanilla ice cream cone.  That should give me the rest of my calcium for today plus makes my sweet tooth happy 😉


Breakfast I– The usual.  The scale reiterated my weekend and although I have the same encounter with my scale every Tuesday I know it’s just temporary and don’t sweat it.  My scale is my tool and yes I weigh myself almost every day.

Breakfast II– Today, I’m skipping the heavier breakfast and going for a cup of oatmeal.  I am thinking responsibly at this point but never deprive myself of any food, very important here.

Lunch- Another good little work-out.  I don’t want to overdo it on food today, so I skip out on the leftovers and make a tuna salad with spinach lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Good choice I think.  I applaud my decision as this is very hard to do especially when my stretched stomach wants to fall victim to naughty foods.

Snack– No doubt I’m hungry again, so I munch on edamame, an apple and a piece of whole wheat bread to tie me over.

Dinner– We elected for pizza.  Time was sparse and pizza sounded great.  I dabbed up some of the grease with a napkin, and enjoyed my no-fuss meal.  I would have liked to heated up some vegetables but I didn’t.  I had some work to do and I wasn’t focusing on my nutritional needs, to be frank.  I did skip out on an evening snack, not because of guilt but because work occupied me.


Breakfast– the usual.  I had lost one of my weekend pounds like I usually do and have become quite skilled at the give-and-take, portion size, and reward system logic.

Breakfast II– Egg sandwich with cheese and English muffin.  I threw in a banana for good measure.

Snack– 2 graham crackers and a bowl of yogurt.

Lunch- Took the kids to the park and grabbed a grilled chicken snack wrap from McDonald’s on the way home.  Of course you know I ordered it -without the cheese and easy on the sauce.

Lunch II– Leftover chicken curry.  I skipped the white rice and had a bowl of pea soup and whole wheat bread instead.  I also ate an apple.

Dinner– Rock fish with this fantastic ginger miso sauce.  A whole bunch of lemon-induced broccoli florets and some more of my pea soup with bacon.  Yummy!

Treat– I had to go on campus for a meeting but made sure to get my low-fat ice cream cone at McDonald’s on the way home 😉

Snack– A cup of oatmeal with almonds.  Relentlessly did my stomach crunches and push-ups.


Breakfast I– You know it, whole wheat toast and coffee.  I have become so predictable by now, don’t you think?

Breakfast II– Waffle, yogurt, flax seed cereal, bananas and a glass of milk.

Snack I– Seriously busy today, grabbed a piece of mozzarella cheese stick, whole wheat crackers, and an apple.

Lunch– An artichoke and a cup of coffee; I know, nothing profound or nutritionally adequate, but do I mention I’m super busy today.  Where’s the rest of my nutrients?

Dinner– Cod with left over white rice and pea soup.

Snack– At school, too busy and completely forgot to bring something to eat; the only thing I find is a bag of veggie potato chips, not great.  Tonight, I need coffee!

I’m so tired by the time I got home, I wasn’t about ready to use my energy by cooking something.  So I eat a mozzarella cheese stick and call it a night.

So the weekend is here again.  I know tomorrow will be junk food night.  I feel my planning and good structure will always keep me healthy and on good track.  Some advice to take with you is to never not eat, always make up for your mistakes, and enjoy your treats in moderation.


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  1. Nana Eileen
    May 14, 2010 @ 22:35:00

    Hi There–A very interesting food schedule. I have heard that small meals more often a day is better then 3 big meals a day. I like Talapia and when in California Costco has really good Talapia and I get it there. Here I can only get frozen but it is good, I use my moms old recipre and top the Talapia with a can of stewed tomatoes and mashed potatos, I do make the mahed potatos with fat free milk but I use real butter, I only have this once a month, Ron as even tried it sans stewed tomatoes. Hugs Nana/Eileen


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