Exercise is just as important as nutrition

Nutrition and exercising come hand in hand no doubt.  There are numerous studies that show the benefits of exercising. According to The Mayo Clinic regular exercising can help you manage high blood pressure and help to lower cholesterol as well.  Other benefits include prevention of cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.  The payoffs include enhancing your mood, sleeping better, and giving you extra energy, not to mention the obvious factor of losing that extra weight.

I would by lying if I said I didn’t incorporate exercise with my nutrition regime.  In fact, the last lingering five pounds of baby fat that I wanted to lose was done by exercising.  Do I get an hour to go to the gym with two busy twins demanding most of the time in a day?   No.  I do it by incorporating what little resistance training and weights I can endure or am allotted and I leave the rest up to nutritional awareness.

So, if exercising can improve your confidence and make you feel better, why do people avoid it like the plague?  In part, it’s due to the actual work aspect.  Sitting down or relaxing just seems more natural after a hard day of work, don’t you think?

Am I asking you to turn into advent gym goer?  No.  What I am asking you to do is to think about ways that you can incorporate no-brainer exercise in your everyday life.  Anytime of the day is a good time for exercise and you don’t necessarily have to ‘block off’ the time to do it.  This incorporation is great for the person who dreads the task of work.  Taking a hike on the weekends or even going for a walk to a nearby store in the neighborhood can be a fun, senseless thing to do.  Park farther away from the store that you are going into to maximize your optimal no exercise exercise.  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, gardening, yard work, and carrying your groceries instead of using a cart are all simple ways of tricking yourself into exercising.  Like watching TV?  In between commercials to your favorite show, take the garbage out, or squeeze in some stomach crunches.  This no-brainer concept can be quit easy if you stay committed.

Remember how I said at the beginning of my blog that nutrition and exercising go hand in hand?  What’s the point then of eating a bag of potato chips or a cookie after doing a hundred jumping jacks?  Kind of defeats the purpose of exercising don’t you think?  The resistance and control are the factors here and instead you should have some oatmeal, yogurt or a piece of fruit.  This eating healthy mentality mixed with your no-brainer exercising mentality will soon payoff as you start seeing a difference in your all-around health.

Like substitutions for food or cutting back on portion size, exercising takes some mental- get-used toing, so thinking smarter will make you exercise without you even knowing it.  Living an active lifestyle by being active and making the right choices every time will save you from going to the gym and allow you more time with your family–and we all know that is the true key to life.


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