The Advice the New Dietary Guidelines for 2010 is giving you

What is the Dietary Guidelines?

These are recommendations provided by United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the United States Department of Agriculture that come out every five years on the intake of food for Americans. This information is based on scientific research and is used as a source for nutritional education programs.  The Guidelines Committee is made up of appointed experts in the field who look over research and answer questions about nutrients, diet behavior and food groups, to name a few.

What is the main focus for the 2010 Report?

Obesity was the main focus for 2010, especially for children whose rate has tripled in the last 30 years.  Another focus is a person’s total diet and health-promoting dietary patterns and pretty much being able to have your cake and eat it too without going overboard.

Is eating behavior included in this report?

Yes, the topics of  portion control, fast food, snacking, having breakfast, and time spent eating in front of the TV are all been tackled in this report.  Sugar, salt, and neglecting your veggies and beans are also brought up.

What is the research saying?

Over a third of Americans’ calories consumed are fats and sugar

Americans are deficient in fiber, potassium, vitamin D, and calcium

Americans eat too much salt and as a nation we should find ways to reduce sodium

An increase in type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are due to increase intake of saturated fat- the recommendation is to reduce the amount of calories from 10% to 7%. In addition, saturated fats should be replaced by mono and poly-unsaturated fats

Americans should avoid synthetic trans fat and minimize natural trans fat in that come in meats and dairy

Seafood is gaining notoriety for its benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and the Committee is encouraging 8 oz per week or 250 mg per day

What does this report mean to YOU?

Reduce overall calorie intake

Increase physical activity

Increase veggies, dry beans, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds

Increase intake of seafood

Increase fat-free/ low-fat milk and products

Eat meat, poultry, & eggs only sometimes

Reduce sugar, fats, sodium, and refined grains immediately and immensely

When are the 2010 Dietary Guidelines coming out?

They are being reviewed and solidified for release of December 2010

Please visit the USDA’s website for more information


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