Biotin for Healthier Hair & Nails- Bologny

My friend swears by it. Various companies post claims about how effective it is. The ‘it’ I am referring to is biotin. Known for its miraculous ability to maintain healthy skin, nail, and nails, its ability to add up to the claims has been weakened by scientific study.  There was a study done 20 years ago examining the effects biotin had on weak fingernails. Eight women who had brittle, splitting, or soft fingernails were given 80 times the normal amount of biotin supplement. While the findings showed a 25% increase of nail thickness after a nine -month period, there was no control group, the group receiving the placebo, so it is hard to tell if the women’s nails were from the doses of biotin or just from natural occurence. The least credible part about this study is that a Swiss vitamin company subsidized the study, so you know there is something going on.

Word to the wise: before you run out and get a bottle of Miracle Grow because you broke one of your nails, just know that you might be wasting your money. It might be a better investment to stalk up on egg whites instead.

Sources: Nutrition Action July/August 2010

am.acad.dermatol.23:1127, 1990.


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