Part 2: See what foods can put your woman in the mood

Last week we found out what foods increased your man’s sex drive; this week the ladies take center stage.

1) Chocolate

I would to oblivious to the topic if I did not mention this delectable word. The feelings of “love” that come from chocolate may come from its chemical called phenylethylamine.  Powerful antioxidants called flavonoids can be found dark chocolate companions and the alkaloid theobromine can keep up your woman’s stamina as it mimics the effects similar to caffeine.

2) Almonds

Almonds are loaded with protein thus giving a woman enough energy to stay revved up. The use of almond oil has been used since biblical times and links to overall good health, beauty, and sustenance are related to this nut. Almonds, an appeasing smell to women as well, can be found in some lotions and fragrances as well.

3) Asparagus

More popular as an aphrodisiac during the resurgent Renaissance era, asparagus gets more recognition these days as a classic libido booster. High levels of vitamin E are responsible for helping with the manufacturing of sex hormones. Asparagus has the ability to enhance the production of histamine, which enhances the O factor, because of the wealth of fiber, potassium, and Vitamin B6 that reside in its healthy stalks.

4) Chillies

If you can stand the heat, it’s worth conjuring up something up spicy with these in the kitchen. You can thank the kick of peppers to a compound called capsaicin.  Capsaicin triggers your brain to release endorphins and raises your heart rate, both good things for getting your woman in the mood!

5) Ginger

Probably one of the lesser known aphrodisiacs, fresh ginger is known as just that in the Kama Sutra. as an influential aphrodisiac. Offering magnesium, Vitamin C, and magnesium, ginger can heighten you libido. Also known to improve blood flow to the parts that matter and arousing the circulatory system, ginger makes a good ingredient to keep around the house.

Have your cake and eat it too! by Amanda Holst


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