How to Beat Holiday Guilt

So you’ve done it again: shoved your face with all your favorite Thanksgiving dishes and you are guilty of going back for seconds. Truth of the matter is you deserve to enjoy this once a year event.

So throw guilt out the window and try doing these things instead:

1) Eat more protein

Protein will fill you up longer than carbs or fat, which is a good thing -if you don’t go overboard. Slices of turkey can be the protein you need to get you back on track. Bring on the turkey salads and soups …Sick of turkey? Add a little more low-fat dairy products to your meals or beef up the whole wheat grains or beans- the idea is to stay fuller longer.

2) Drink more water

You may be mistaking hunger for thirst says clinical nutritionist Samantha Heller from Health Magazine. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and can ward off sluggishness, lack of energy and even depression. If you are having a hard remembering to drink carry a water bottle and replace with soft drinks as much as possible. If drinking water is too hard to bear, try drinking low-calorie flavored drinks or herbal tea to give you the satiety that you are craving- without all those extra calories.

3) Allow for Leftover splurges

What’s Thanksgiving without all the leftovers? Go ahead and splurge on your favorite leftover concoctions but only do so in moderation. Practicing correct portion sizes and self control can go a long way- and not just for the holidays.  If you absolutely live for the splurges then do so sensibly. Maintain control and have full realization that your splurges are a temporary thing. Allowing yourself the splurge will be better for your mental health in the long run.

4) Cut back on holiday drinks

If you seriously want to lose those extra pounds you usually carry around this time, then cutting alcohol, sodas, and yes, even the egg nog will make you drop poundage fast. Further more holiday drinks only make you more hunger and did I mention, there is no nutritional value in any of it? No worries because just like most holiday traditions, they are loved for only a short time a year- then they are packed away to enjoy again for the next.

5) Measure your portion sizes

It’s too easy to ‘go blind’ when measuring your temptations onto a plate that just doesn’t seem to hold everything. While counting calories seem to go out the window (The average Thanksgiving dinner is around 4500 calories) portion size can make a difference in getting you back on track. Now that you’re stomach has been stretched you will need to find tricks to hang in there while it shrinks to normal size. Eating your meals on smaller plates and go by the plate method: Divide you plate into quarters. Half your plate should be vegetables, a quarter should be for protein and a quarter for your starch. Lower your intake of butter, gravy and sweets and you should be back on track in no time!

Perspective by Amanda Holst

Have you Cake and Eat it Too!


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