Age Therapy: Foods that will make you look and feel younger

Before you spend hundreds of dollars at the cosmetic counters, orĀ  enlist yourself in the Botox Brigade, try the au naturale approach to looking younger instead.


Yes wrinkles are part of the aging process- but you don’t have to give in without a fight. As the protein collagens start to break down, so do the hyaluronic acids (the connective tissue around your eyes, joints, and skin). To prolong this break, try to beef up the intake of fruits containing vitamin C. Vitamin C fights free radicals and encourages collagen to form. Strawberries, blueberries, and ones containing citrus works best at filling in wrinkles.

Mood lifters

There is nothing worse than feeling bad about anything, anytime. Happiness may be the key to life and also the key to staying younger, longer. Enhance your mood with foods that uplift the production of endorphins while at the same time help you to relax. The mood lifter avacado contains a high amount of vitamin B, while brazilian nuts contain selenium, the magic ingredient for mood enhancement. Flaxseeds are advocates for mood lifters because they contain omega- 3 fatty acids. People who have low levels of omega- 3’s are more successible to depression. Get the best benefit by grinding flaxseeds and adding them to oatmeal, baked foods, or atop your salad.

Radiant Skin

There are many factors to radiant skin. Foods that strengthen your immune system, that contain antioxidants, or reduce inflammation can all add to the radiant glow of your skin, making you look younger. Fight scaly skin with wheat germ- 2 tablespoons a day can prevent redness and uneven skin tones. If elasticity is a concern for you, try adding more kiwis to your diet- the vitamin C manufactures a collagen wall of resilience. If you have damaged skin due to sun exposure, grape seed oil can help reverse the signs.

Have your Cake and Eat it too!

Amanda Holst


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