Naughty or Nice? What will you be this holiday season?

As Christmas approaches we have our preempt about whether or not we are going to be naughty or nice when it comes to our holiday eating. And while we may pass the extra goodies and calories as part of the intentional holiday jeer, we can give some thought to improving our tradition habits or making new traditions all together. Have you been naughty or nice so far?


Egg nog

An easy 350 calories all coming from cream, milk and eggs, egg nog certainly can get naughty at times. You don’t have to give up this holiday tradition. Instead of buying uncensored store bought egg nog, try making your own. You can cut the calories in half by using egg substitute, skim milk, fat-free creamer and sugar substitute.


Hot Chocolate

Less than half of its naughty opponents calories, hot chocolate can tempt and satisfy just the same. Perfect for the chilly weather and any chocolate lover’s delight, hot chocolate can be that little naughty for the nice.


Pecan Pie

Don’t let the illusion of the hearty nuts throw you off guard. Yes there are some good nutritional value provided by the pecans in this traditional pie, however most of the filling is loaded with sugar and corn syrup, making it too naughty for anyone’s good. If you want to tone down your naughty, substitute the corn syrup with molasses or make your filling from dates, lemon juice and vanilla. Instead of the traditional sugar and butter pie crust, try an almond and date one.


Healthy Fruit Pie

Fruit pies can add a forgiving touch to naughty eating. Using fresh fruits and little sugar as possible, fruit pies can top your nice list. Try a graham crust and if you really want to be nice, use crushed almonds instead. Roll your fruit with a little flour and raw sugar to complete the niceties.


Holiday Cakes and Cookies

Cookies and cakes, an integral part of the holidays can be hard to resist at parties or there siting on your kitchen counter. When hunger strikes these intricacies offer the perfect snack– filling in the gaps for low energy and seasonal induced murkiness. Moderation and portion size will be the key. Limiting how much you eat would be the nice thing to do. Replacing your meals and snacks with cookies and snacks is just plain naughty. Instead, give your body healthier carbs that are lower in fat and high in fiber. Wholegrain bread, rice, cereals and fresh whole fruit can trick your body into getting what it craves. If you are making your own cookies and cake, replace white flour with whole wheat and use nuts or dried fruits instead of candy or chocolate chips.


Trail Bars

Energy bars can be the perfect treat to add to your nice list. Great for long-lasting energy and ingredients such as whole grain oats and flour, you cannot lose. Adding peanut butter, nuts or seeds can add to your protein intake, making you feel fuller longer. Eat for a healthy snack or pack for one to go.

Have your cake and Eat it too!

Amanda Holst


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