What to do when your body is saying yes but your mind is saying no

It’s been one of those days: You didn’t get your full eight hours of sleep, nothing seems to be going right, and on top of it all, you don’t feel well. Before you say the heck with it all and grab for the naughtiest food you can think, here are some ways you can control the urge when temptation you don’t want comes your way:

Occupy yourself with something else

You might just be bored. Fight temptation to fall into the same rut by doing something else, rather than something you will regret.

Practice mind over matter

Avoid situations that will make you have to negotiate, rationalize, or bargain with yourself


Be the master of knowing what pseudo-changeovers you can make that your body will accept as substitutions for the naughty. Fruit spritzers for sodas,veggies for chips, and low-fat versions of favorites where you can make a big difference.

Chew a piece of gum

The same concept for quitting cigarettes, if you ‘ease’ the craving it will eventually blow over. It’s the small victories that add up to big ones

Just say no

Practice makes perfect

Written by Amanda Holst

Have your cake and eat it too

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