What kind of food shopper are you?

When it comes to food shopping, what kind of food shopper are you? Find out below and then see what you can do to become a better shopper.


If you are a paroozer, then you shop without a purpose. You may have gone into the store to get one item but when you leave you have somehow managed to spend $100 and stocked up on more than your share of sweets and bad snacks.

What can you do?

Being prepared will be your best bet in fighting the war. Go in with a mission- by that- I mean a list, and stick to it! This will give you a good opportunity to fight temptation.

Clearance Shopper

If you are a clearance shopper you know where to look for the ‘great finds’ in the grocery store.  You’ll be the shopper at the end of the aisles, at the front of the store when you walk in, or somewhere squeezed behind the produce and the stockroom.

What can you do?

While you may think that you are getting a deal (which you probably are), you are doing a disservice to your quality intake. The 5 for $10 boxes of processed food loaded with salt, fat, and gosh knows what else, and the ‘buy one you don’t need’ get the ‘one you don’t need for free’ are examples of what you will find in your cart. The idea of smart shopping is there, but your heart is in the wrong spot. Try looking outside your box. There are a wide variety of good deals on produce, whole grains and dried beans. And these are regular items the store carries all the time, so you don’t have to be disgruntled or constricted by sales.

Impulse Food Shopper

If you are an impulsive food shopper (that’s me again) then you find crazy things in your basket, like cookies, sugar-packed drinks, and other grab-and-go items that are in pretty packaging and strategically placed in front of your eyes.

What can you do?

If you are that hard up about trying something different, you may want to challenge yourself to trying a new ingredient. You can look to see what fruit or vegetable is in season where you live or you can add a weekly new healthy food item. I found quinoa this way. It will lighten the hook save you from buyer’s remorse. If it’s hard for you to resist things when you are in the store, try leaving your cart at the end of the aisle and then get what you need. This way, you are less likely to grab more then you need. Also, never ever go to the store hungry, it just sets you up for failure.

Non-discriminative Shopper

If you are a non-discriminative shopper you are throwing whatever you feel like in your basket without regard to health consequences, weekly meal plans, or regard to items you already have.

What can you do?

Start caring. Start choosing choices that nourish your body and fit into the big picture. You should focus on lean-cuts of meat, low and non-fat dairies, and foods with as little as salt, sugar, and trans fats as possible. You should do inventory of things you have lying in the kitchen before you get to the store. Have your meal plans for the week ready to go and know what you will need. This will save you time, money and a couple of pounds in the long run.

Written by Amanda Holst

Have your cake and eat it too!


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